Protecting yourself while using a stresser/booter

When using a stresser/booter its always advised that you use a VPN. Now i myself use a VPN all the time to protect myself from other people DDosing me, grabbing my real IP and to anonymize myself on the net! A VPN is a virtual private network and encrypts all the incoming/out going traffic on your network, while doing this it masks your IP which prevents any other user grabbing your real IP.

VPN’s are generally really cheap at around $5/6 and it totally worth the small price. Most new VPN services will use a custom client or OpenVPN due to the simplicity and how secure they are compared to protocols like SSTP, PPTP and L2TP. OpenVPN use’s UDP or TCP ports to tunnel your network and encrypt all the data along the connection with the help of OpenSSL.

One VPN i really like and use is, because of its reliability, speed and support. As mentioned above anonymousvpns uses OpenVPN’s custom  protocol and is great for your anonymity. anonymousvpns is all automatic so as soon as you pay you receive the VPN, it also has a support ticket system to help you whenever you need it. Anyone looking for a simple,fast and reliable VPN just head over to there site and you will have a VPN within minutes!

If you’re looking for a good booter try: From my experience it is by far the strongest and cheapest on the market.

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