How anonymous is a VPN

Everyone to everyone uses VPNs to hide their IP, access unblocked websites, stop themselves from being tracked. Either way most people use them.

When using a VPN it is easy for your real IP to be leaked out using a WebRTC from modern browsers (I.e Chrome, Firefox) from a STUN server, this protocol allows the ability to request out your real IP and is easily implemented. As you can see below I have a VPN dialed but my real IP is still pulled (I have since changed my IP)-

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There are a few ways to stop this leakage the best is to configure your VPN at a router level as this stops any leakage and also stops torrent tracking . See below –

Now this will stop real IP leakage although local IP leakage is still susceptible as you can see below.



Other ways to stop leakage and easier for some are as follows –

– Mozilla Firefox: Type in the address bar type “about:config” . Scroll down until you find “media.peerconnection.enabled” , double click and to set it to false.
– Google Chrome: Install Google’s plugin WebRTC Network Limiter. (Other Plugins can be used a simple google will find them)


More information on why VPNs at router level are better and why I recommended it over the easier option. VPN’s at router level also prevent torrent tracking when a VPN is dial in a system IP leakage is a possibility and GEO location tracking can be used at web requests. On top of this it can help prevent DNS leakage as well. Now don’t mix DNS leakage and IP leakage as the same  with “DNS leak” this is different as an unencrypted DNS query is sent and requested by and from your system outside your VPN tunnel.


preview –

preview – (more info)

source –

The best vpn in my experience is:

The best booter is:




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